Press Start for sale at RIPT Apparel [Sale Over!]

Sale is over! Thanks again!

Click the giant picture to go and totally buy the hell out of this shirt… if you want. I’m also running a scheme fabulous prize bonanza on my Facebook artist page where you can score an 11×14 art print of the design (as seen on my portfolio page).

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2 Responses to Press Start for sale at RIPT Apparel [Sale Over!]

  1. onawhitehorse says:

    Major congrats on the print!
    Being a pixel artist, I really loved everything about this design in the 8-bit derby and totally voted for it then, and I was so disappointed not to see it print at the time.
    When I looked and saw it on RIPT today I got SO excited and bought it IMMEDIATELY.
    I hope you’re as thrilled as I am to finally see this awesome design on a shirt! : D

    Cheers to your success, and I wish you many future printings~

    • Rasabi says:

      Thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it on a shirt! I’m toiling away on the next batch of designs, will be a bit, but hopefully they’ll be good enough for the world :)

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